Port Talbot November Market

26th November 2020

1Babita's Spice DeliFoodA North Indian deli that specialises in vegetarian and vegan dishes, snacks, street food and freshly ground spices.
2Good & proper brownies FoodVarious baked chocolate treats from brownies to whoopie pies
3Luna BakeryFoodCakes, biscuits, pastries and other baked items
4Marie Cresci's Cheesecakes Chocolate, Sweetstuffs etcHome Made cheesecakes in a variety of over 30 flavours. Sold in individual tubs
5Pitchfork & ProvisionFoodArtisan breads, pastries and cakes
6DeezDoughNutzChocolate, Sweetstuffs etcHandmade, gourmet doughnuts
7Olives Etc.FoodFinest selection of olives to cater for all tastes. 100% ewes milk feta from Greece. Award winning tapenade and pesto sauces freshly made every week and hand picked olive oils to enhance all your home creations.