Uplands November Market

28th November 2020

1Babita's Spice DeliFoodA North Indian deli that specialises in vegetarian and vegan dishes, snacks, street food and freshly ground spices.
2Crofton Candles CraftsHighly fragranced soy wax candles
3Good & proper brownies FoodVarious baked chocolate treats from brownies to whoopie pies
4Lincoln's LunchboxOtherWholesome, hand made, tasty dog treats
5Marie Cresci's Cheesecakes Chocolate, Sweetstuffs etcHome Made cheesecakes in a variety of over 30 flavours. Sold in individual tubs
6Pawstars dog clothing walesCraftsFancy Dog Clothes, bling collars and bandanas
7PidgeCraftsVintage goods, peg bags, cushions, bunting, coasters, seasonal products. Bought in gifts.
8Pitchfork & ProvisionFoodArtisan breads, pastries and cakes
9Ultimate DrifterArtsWorks of Lighting Art & Naturally produced pieces with an Ecological conscience.
10Olives Etc.FoodFinest selection of olives to cater for all tastes. 100% ewes milk feta from Greece. Award winning tapenade and pesto sauces freshly made every week and hand picked olive oils to enhance all your home creations.