Mumbles Pate Company

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Chicken liver pate with a twist

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The Mumbles Pate Company came into existence almost as an accident! After being made redundant, I decided to follow a hunch and make delicious chicken liver pate with a twist!

After succeeding to produce a mouthwatering recipe that had many good reviews, I decided to experiment with different combinations of flavours and ingredients. While using the finest chicken liver mixed with alcoholic adult ingredients, I produced unique, flavoursome variations of the classic chicken liver pate recipe that we all know so fondly.

I found that my pate would be a crowd pleaser at any event that I introduced it at, such as garden parties or events. This spurred me to create The Mumbles Pate Company, and I have loved every minute of delivering pate to customers who were happily surprised by the delicious flavours dancing on their taste buds. I hope that you will find the same joy eating it as I have had making it.
The Pate is all sealed with a kiss from delicious welsh butter