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Male grooming products hand crafted/poured locally. All natural All organic base ingredients All 100% plant based . Beard oils, balms & moustache wax

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We produce male grooming products. All of our products are handcrafted and hand poured at our base in West cross Swansea . Our products are 100% natural, are made using 100% organic base products and are 100% plant based and available in 5 signature scents. All our products have undergone a Cosmetic product safety assessment and are registered with the EU cosmetics portal.We produce Beard oils , Beard balms and Moustache waxes to keep your facial hair in good order and nourished. More information is available on our website To compliment our range we also stock fantastic soaps from the All Natural Soap Co of London. These soaps are cruelty free, Palm free and free from all chemical nasties. They come in many scents so feel free to come and have a sniff. From September 2017 we are also going to stock our new Scented Candle range made using Eco Soya Wax. At launch we will have 5 scents that will compliment any home and rest assured they are manufactured with the same ethics as our other products e.g Cruelty free, Vegan and come in a container that could be up cycled.