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Bespoke fine silver and bronze jewellery

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Hi there.  Although originally from London I haven’t actually lived there for over thirty years - Where has the time gone?  Well, I did some travelling, arrived in Greece; the plan was for two days but I stayed for 13 years teaching English.. Then in 1999 I came to Swansea to study Architectural Glass and fell in love with a number of things;  Swansea and its beautiful coastline and countryside, glass, silver jewellery making and my husband.     
From about 2010 I studied Precious Metal Clay at Gower College which sparked a passion for making jewellery. I went on to take classes in Silversmithing  and now enjoy the combination of materials and techniques from silver clay, silver-smithing & glass.   I love the creative aspect of jewellery making as well as how relaxed and stress free I feel when I am actually producing each piece. Initially I made pieces to fulfil my own craving for pendants. Eventually, I could not justify the expense of making so much jewellery just for myself so my business, Helen Kenna Creations was born in December 2013 where I showed my jewellery for the first time to the public in the Uplands Market. What a great response I had from everyone and feedback was fantastic for which I thank you all.
All my jewellery pieces are handmade in either bronze, fine silver or a mix of fine silver, sterling silver and glass.  I still mostly create pendants but am slowly adding earrings, brooches, bracelets and rings to my collection (I frequently slip back into pendant mode though). 
Anyway,  keep coming along to see what’s new. If you see a piece you like, including any that take your fancy on my website (www.helenkennaceations.co.uk),  but would like the glass in another colour or perhaps something added to the design, just ask!  If pieces are no longer available, don't worry!  I will reproduce pieces to look similar but never the same!
I think that as unique individuals, it seems only fitting that we should own & wear something unique! I love making it and  I hope you enjoy wearing it! 
Thanks again.