Estelle's Gower Goodies

Hot sauces, preserves, chutneys, ketchups. Homemade in Gower.

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First and most IMPORTANTLY ;)
I AM A local SWANSEA Producer ,keeping the money in the Swansea Area and Now Employing Local PEOPLE TOO.
 I have a 5 STAR Hygiene Rating for my Very LOCAL Gower kitchen .
 I love combining  unusual, special flavours and my Hot Sauces, relishes, chutneys, Jams, Preserves and marmalades all bring this through to your taste buds.
all cooked the OLD Fashioned way using fabulous Fresh Ingredients ,using NO Additives,colourings or any Nasty additives...
 My relishes, chutneys, jams and" SAUCY LITTLE NUMBERS";)
BEST IN Wales !
 are packaged in such a way that they are a perfect special treat or  gift. 
Not your typical pot of jam, everybody  LOVE the way they look and always customers comment on how lovely they look.
Also my customers always laugh at my Fabulous" Gower Goodies"
 Unique names ,which I concoct while cooking in my Gower Kitchen.

At our markets and shows we always have a Gorgeous taste tingling tasting table and 99% of the people who taste, buy. It is really fabulous for me to see peoples faces change as the spoon goes in their mouth. The reaction is really lovely to see. And the feedback has been amazing to hear.
Come and have a look at my Fabulous Unique Christmas Gifts at the market also   NEW  ARE great knitted hats with the 
"Jack`s On Fire "logo (black colour).....Great for SWANSEA JACKS !..
or a very pretty 
"Gower Goodies"  logo ( sand colour )